The Art of Positive Thinking

Relinquishing the 9-5

As I sit on my plush super extra sized double bed in California (not sure if that is an actual size) with CNN banging on in the background about the lady who has managed to drive onto a Vegas sidewalk and mow down a load of tourists; I reflect over the year I’ve just had (I know very strange with the news I’m hearing in the background) it seems surreal that I’ve been teaching yoga full time for a year. Just six weeks before my training started I was totally immersed in my new HR job in Somerset House which I fought off many qualified candidates to get and as there were only two of us in the department I was sure that 1. This is going to be great and 2. I’d be promoted in no time (yes I was already thinking that far… ) But on that first day I discovered that I was already knee deep in the shit and that the woman I thought was going to be my mentor turned out to be a nightmare. If it wasn’t one thing it was the other.  Alas, after 10 days I realised this was not working. The woman was an absolute control freak and never remembered what she said to me 5 mins ago but then would yell blue murder if I did exactly what she told me to do, just weird.  So yes, a nightmare to work with but nice person in theory. I watched with great pleasure as the blood drained from her cheeks when I decided that I was leaving at the end of the day. I packed my box (just like what Chandler did on Friends) and walked out of that exquisite building with my head held high, feeling the happiest I had been in 10 days and 5lbs lighter but not knowing how I was going to explain this to my boyfriend.

The transition

After decompressing in Morocco for a week, meditating, reading, eating delicious nourishing meals, meeting some fabulous souls and considering my options; I returned to London enthusiastic in the knowledge that I would be training to be yoga teacher in the near future. There was one snag. No cash lol! Strangely, I didn’t feel worried I just believed that this was my path and what I was supposed to do. Going though a pile of mail I opened one from HMRC and there it was the gift I never knew was waiting for me. Both myself and my partner looked at each other and smiled, that knowing this shit was supposed to happen smile – The universe bring you what you deserve…

The training

I have no words to describe how intense and difficult this was but my positivity actually surprised me. The Monday after the first weekend found me almost bedridden. I’ve never known such pain. I can’t even really describe it apart from crippling.  Bye bye normal Dove baths with loads of comforting bubbles and hello to Eucalyptus, magnesium and Epsom salts! Everyday there was a brand new ache in muscles I never knew existed. Only God knows how I got through it. The tears, the love, the passion and my determination that I didn’t know I had appeared on this training (in the nick of time). I thought I knew everything and had all the answers to life, turned out I knew nothing at all and was yet to discover that I am actually a quite a dark and mysterious character with so much shit to work through and deal with – great!


The aftermath Fast forward a year and I sit here kinda misty eyed and grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. At the 2014 Om Yoga, show I bought a mat and 2 blocks as it was all I could afford at the time just hoping someone would want me to teach them yoga one day; by the end of 2015 I was teaching almost a full schedule – it feels like just yesterday that I got my certificate and I was calling everyone informing them that I’m very capable of teaching hahaha…

Thankful to my teachers and all the people who took a chance letting me loose on their clients and trusting in my methods however unconventional – everything is possible as long as you believe in it enough.