Simply Water

Mary Smiley Yoga

Juice cleanse day 5: I can’t believe I stuck to it but here we are on day 5. Next time let’s do an en masse cleanse together so we can share our stories. So apart from the juices I’ve been having, every morning I have hot water and lemon, and keep an almighty jug of water with cucumber slices in tow.

I was watching Better Call Saul the other night and the lady who owns the nail salon said to him; “cucumber water is for the paying customers only” lol so the next day I bought a cucumber and the rest, is in the picture below: mary Smiley Yoga


I find it quite hard to drink #water but it’s delicious with cucumber sliced and helps flush out all the toxins. For the simple fact that water covers 71% of the earth and makes up 55-60% of our bodies (as adults) it’s obvious that water is a prerequisite for functionality as well as our overall wellness. The health benefits are endless.

It’s also something that brings us closer to nature.