The one to one clients have their say…

I’ve been to a lot of her classes and she can go from a dynamic sweaty flow to gentle, soft and considered – I think its the expression of detail that makes her stand out. Very clear and meticulous also playful doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’ll make you hold one pose for some time but the work within the pose is what its about. Yep amazing energy we feel as one in her class, I actually made new friends from her class…

Emma Pearson

I felt muscles I didn’t know existed. She takes no prisoners especially one to one. So I had a one off  two hour private with her as I wanted to go to general yoga classes but hadn’t done any classes. I needed no more the next class I went to felt great, in fact the teacher said I had a good practice! Very detailed instruction, anatomy knowledge is sound, I would recommend…

       Paul Spear

…very specific and detailed instructions, each movement has an effect. Allows exploration and makes everyone feel part of the team, very inclusive, lots of humour and energy – very interesting teacher…

 Sarah Drakeman


I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes but when I went to Mary’s I was literally like oh I really haven’t been doing that properly  have I lol – very specific instructions and adjustments – very good teacher…

                                                                                                                                             Hilda Dragovich


This is the first time I actually felt like I had a spine!! Mary’s instruction was very specific and precise therefore helping me feel things I otherwise wouldn’t have felt.

       Natasha Billman, Architect 


I took my first ever yoga class with Mary three weeks ago. I have been wanting to try yoga for a quite a while so I opted for a 1-on-1 class to get the most of it being my first class. And I have to say my expectations were far exceeded. Mary did an excellent job of guiding me through each exercise with patience while also pushing me just enough so that I would get the most out of it from a full body workout and core strength training aspect. I highly recommend booking a 1-on-1 session with her, it has become part of my weekly fitness schedule now.

Alexander Lielacher, Financial Services

I have attended many a yoga class over the 10 years I have been practicing.  Never have I had such results. I have attended both group and private 1-2-1 yoga with you; the repositioning of my body, audible breath requests,  reminders of what muscle should be engaged… if everyone I know could practice yoga with you, it would change their minds and bodies! 

I live in Hertfordshire. I travel to London on a weekly basis to enjoy Astanga with Mary.  She’s phenomenal. 

Jacqueline Thorne, Designer

Some reviews from other satisfied clients in group classes

I had a mental orgasm in her class hahaha that’s the only way I can describe what happened – it was amazing

          Totally awesome energy…

         I look forward to her class all day – this should say it all!!

Mary was wonderful. One of the better yoga instructors I’ve had in a while and the best I’ve experienced thus far at Gymbox. She was helpful in helping fix positions and the class utilised every minute.


She was awesome! Definitely one of the more challenging yoga classes I have been to, and very enthusiastic – she was great. 


Yes I attended Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Mary and I’m more than happy to give you a feedback because this was one of the BEST Yoga classes I attended so far at Gymbox. She was absolutely amazing: great concept, good combination of exercises and really warm and friendly-but most of all Mary knew what she was talking about! In my opinion everybody had fun and a great experience.Thank you.


Mary is an absolutely amazing yoga teacher, she is so caring, very helpful and always giving tips to correct yoga position, she walks around the class and provide with personalised yoga advice/tips throughout the class. Her teaching method is ridiculously amazing! And relaxing. I truly love her and I really hope to see her at Gymbox Old street more often.